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Through Internet of Things, high precision Tracking and Artificial Intelligence, we created a plug and play platform that will change the way you manage your operational teams.

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Movement data, without human interference, are processed in the cloud and available to the client on a web platform. With several critical analysis of the operation, showing what actually happens in business.


In a map of the building or facility, you can find any employee (or any team) in real time and view historical location and routes traveled in a given period.

  • Time and motion
  • Heat Map
  • Spaghetti Diagram


From the recorded data and with the activities planned for all employees and their KPIS, the system starts to generate automatic performance metrics and analysis of task execution.

  • Activities plan
  • Automatic assignment of work
  • Checklist / Work evidence


Receive automatic alerts if any unauthorized employee is in a risk area. In addition, the system also helps to control pause and ensure that work rules comply with the law.

  • Calculated risk ratios
  • Real-time infringement alerts
  • Operations risk history


Scan the entire activity plan of the team, with pre-registered KPIs. Thus, you can view in a few clicks the performance of the team.

  • Comparative between teams and operations
  • Precise indicators for fast decision-making
  • Measure the impacts of workers behavior on company’s operation


When you choose to use our solution with a SmartDevice, the employee receives a device with a task management application with our technology embedded, which allows it:

  • Check the activities planned for the day
  • Register evidence (photo, for example) that the task was fulfilled
  • Postpone the task, make comments, and alert events
  • Receive alerts and instructions from the manager


Fixed sensors

Small sensors placed in every area to be monitor, either productive or unproductive. These devices are low power consumption and are capable of sending or receiving BLE and Wi-Fi signals, and programmed to cover the location radius you need.


Each employee or operational vehicle receives a wearable (smartphone or smartwatch, for example) or a tag (which has different formats, such as an access card). These devices are also able to receive and / or send signals to the fixed sensors, and then accurately located second a second.


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