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In factories, warehouse operation, services and facilities sector, constructions, outsourced services management or any other environment where active operational supervision is crucial for the operational improvement and profitability of the business!


As a digital GEMBA, understand how employee behavior and allocation affects the results and productivity of your operation.

  • Relate allocation to indicators such as OEE and understand the individual’s real impact on your company’s productivity.
  • Improve resource allocation planning.
  • Respond to the need for adjustments in the allocation of employees in real time.
  • Send messages and guidance to workers on the factory floor.
Boticario and digital oversight for factory workforce


Ensure the proper execution of activities performed by outsourced employees and have your operation really under your control and management!

  • Create and manage the activity plan of the teams, in groups and individually.
  • View whether activities, lead times and frequency that actually be made.
  • Understand the biggest service demands of your operation.
  • Combine transparency, real-time visibility and quick decision-making in your operations.
Wework and independent oversight of third party workforce


Complex operations, such as maintenance, require good management of teams and maintenance plans to ensure efficiency.

  • Track individual performance of each employee in the execution of routines.
  • Manage and confront the outcome on what was planned and what was actually done.
  • Management of orders and preventive and corrective routines, with evidence of registration and a customizable checklist for each activity.
  • Instructions on corrective orders or new activities in real time to the best-qualified available employee.
Gerdau and wrench time optimization in maintenance


Gain more visibility of your logistics operation by following the routes traveled by employees and internal vehicles.

  • Manage internal routes of forklifts, cars and any internal mobile equipment.
  • Understand the allocation of employees and productivity by team and professional.
  • Identify key operational bottlenecks.
  • Have more optimized processes and lower your OFR (Order Fill Rate).
Renault and warehouse operation optimization


One of the most complex contexts of a construction project is the guarantee that worktime and activities entries made by the teams are reliable, and the impact on the physical schedule and financial performance.

  • Take the human factor out of the measure of worktime entries and activities made.
  • Understand how your team behaves in the site and how this behavior affects the productivity and safety of each worker.
  • Get calculated the actual allocation of teams, wasted hours and improve profitability.
Paul Wurth and automatic third part workforce oversight


Promote better quality of life for employees, ensuring that all labor rights are met and avoiding security issues at work.

  • Avoid labor risks ensuring accomplishment of all standards, with corroborative evidence.
  • Find out which employees attended risk or unhealthy areas.
  • Receive notifications and send automated alerts when employees come to risk locations
  • View analysis of each employee’s risk factors.
Solvay and zero labor risks in the factory

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