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Workforce Management: What you need to know

What is workforce management?

There is no doubt that people are the most important parts of any organization. That is why people management is a fundamental issue within the company. In general, we can define it as the set of strategies, techniques and methods for managing human capital within a company.

Thus, activities related to staff management has linked to the improvement of skills, recognition and retention of employees. In other words, everything that concerns employees is part of people management.

The relationship between bosses and employees has changed a lot over the years. If this relationship was previously hierarchical and imposing, today it understood that establishing collaborative ties is much more productive. Thus, companies use people management to extract the best possible performance from their employees.

Thus, it is possible to say that people management is related to the search for efficiency and, consequently, to the growth and success of the company.


The role of people management

By understanding that the workforce runs any business, it is easy to understand the importance of people management. If there is no concern to ensure better quality of life and work for employees, the company will certainly suffer from high turnover and low motivation.

If maintaining harmony in interpersonal relationships is not an easy task, in the work environment the complexity is even greater. Factors such as pressure, goals, competitiveness, and the differences between employees come into play. Added to this is the relationship between employees and the company, which also needs to be healthy.

The goal of people management is precisely to balance all these factors so that everyone within the organization “remits to the same side”. For this, it is necessary to do constant work, addressing different pillars, as we will show below.


Pillars of People Management



Motivation is essential within the corporate environment. If your employee is not satisfied, his productivity will certain be affected. That is why companies need to think about actions that motivate the team.

It is also important to diagnose what are the main causes that leave employees unmotivated. It can range from the position exercised to a lower salary than desired. Once the problem was identified, the manager needs to strive to resolve it as soon as possible.



Nobody likes to work in a place where there is no good communication. Leaders must strive to make all processes as transparent as possible.

In addition, it is important that employees have space and freedom to give their ideas and feel safe to share them. For this, it is essential to encourage clear and open communication between all team members.

If employees are freer to ask questions and ask for help, the tendency is for processes to be much more productive and problems with rework avoided.



Every company is a single body, where everyone must have the same objective. Knowing the importance of each sector, it is easier for the employee to assimilate that he is part of a team and see more relevance in his work.

Thus, it is important to encourage teamwork, creating work groups, for example. If you bring together people with complementary profiles, there is an increased chance that good ideas will emerge that would certainly not come off the paper if everyone worked on their own.


Knowledge and Skills

Even taking into account all the other pillars already mentioned, nothing will help if the company does not hire employees who have the capacity to deal with the challenges that the job will offer.

Therefore, it is important to understand the professional profile that best fits your company. In addition, it is necessary to think strategically about how the teams in each area was form.

With this entire well planned, the next challenge is to prepare a selection process that is in line with what defined previously.


Training and development

It is not enough to hire the right people if you “stop in time” and do not help them develop. The search for knowledge must be constant and can come from the employee himself, but the company cannot stand still.

Study – together with the team – what are the main points that need training? A simple survey or analysis of the company’s problems can point out the training that the manager should look for.

The employee himself feels much more valued if he realizes that the company is concerned with developing his career. This shows that she cares about the employee and believes in his potential within the business.



Quick tips for good people management

Follow the “ROI” of people management

Of course, you will not be able to measure exactly whether your investments in people management are bringing the desired financial return. However, it is possible to extract some important metrics such as employee turnover, their performance after some training, among other data.


Stay tuned for what is new

The universe of people management has more news every day. The corporate world has realized the importance of the theme and innovations and trends are constantly emerging. Whether it be a new training or a new selection tool, follow what happens again in the market so you do not fell behind.


People management is the responsibility of leaders

Contrary to popular belief, HR is not responsible for all the pillars of people management. Whoever accompanies employees on a daily basis is the one who should assume this role. An area manager or coordinator can better diagnose the situation of your team. Therefore, together with HR, they can think of possible solutions.


Technology in people management

Technology is a great ally to assist in people management. There are a pool of tools that could help you to measure each employee performance. Take into account the number of tasks completed by each worker, for example.

Another important innovation is the indoor geolocation tools, such as that of Novidá. The manager is able to monitor in real time the movement of his employees within the work environment. In busy locations, this helps to understand which steps are demanding the most from each employee and where the main bottlenecks are. With this data in hand, it becomes easier to relocate the team and optimize the operation.

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